Bega is a leading Australian dairy and food company. They own many iconic Australian brands including Vegemite, Dairy Farmers, Zooper Dooper and Dare.

We provide day-to-day automation support as well as automation and electrical project work to their Penrith & Smithfield sites, both of which are located in NSW. Across the sites, there are many different SCADA, HMI, PLC and Motion technologies and platforms, including Citect SCADA, iFix SCADA, Siemens (Step7 and TIA), Rockwell (Logix500, Logix/Studio5000, FactoryTalk View ME), Mitsubishi and Omron.

Simplot is a leading multi-national agricultural and food manufacturing business. They own many well-known brands such as Birds Eye, John West, Leggo's and Edgell.

We provide day-to-day automation support as well as automation and electrical project work to their Kelso plant, which is located in NSW. The site consists of Citect SCADA and Rockwell PLC's, HMI's and drives.

Noumi is an Australian company focused on dairy, plant-based beverages and nutritional supplements. They own brands such as MilkLab, So Natural, Vitalife and Australia's Own.

Located in Ingleburn NSW, it is an impressive facility, to say the least. We provide day-to-day automation support as well as automation and electrical project work. The site utilises Wonderware SCADA along with Rockwell PLC's.

Streets Ice Cream is an ice cream manufacturing business that produces some of Australia’s most iconic ice cream brands. Owned by Unilever, the plant is located in Minto NSW.

We provide day-to-day automation support as well as automation and electrical project work. The site has a multitude of platforms including Citect SCADA, Siemens (Step5, PCS7 and TIA), Rockwell (Logix500, Logix/Studio5000, FactoryTalk View ME/SE), and an Omron or two.

Sara Lee is a company that produces many of the delicious cakes and desserts found in your grocery store freezers. Located on the Central Coast of NSW, it has a proud manufacturing history.

Predominantly a Rockwell site, they utilise a FactoryTalk SE SCADA as well as various ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLC's. However, they also have various Siemens PLC's in production (TIA and Step 7) as well as a network of Omron PLC's to handle refrigeration.

Rockwell Automation is arguably the largest and most recognised automation brand in the world. Based in the US, they manufacture automation equipment and software.

We support their NSW service team as sub-contractors, providing on-site support to their customers on all things Rockwell including drives, servos, PLC's, HMI's, SCADA & safety.

From humble beginnings, PDP Fine Foods' leading brand Wicked Sister has risen to dominate the frozen dessert aisles in all of the leading grocery stores.

We support their Ingleburn facility, which utilises a mix of both Rockwell and Siemens PLC's and HMI's. As well as Citect SCADA.

Colterlec is one of Australia's leading distributors of electrical product innovations and solutions. They distribute brands such as Danfoss, Moxa, Fluke, Eaton and many more.

As a distributor of Danfoss variable speed drives, their customers have a need for servicing, repairing and commissioning those drives. We work closely with Colterlec to ensure the requirements of their customers are met.

United Initiators is a leading supplier of initiators for the polymers industry, including organic peroxides, persulfates, and other specialty chemicals.

We support their batching plant in Botany NSW, taking care of everything from light and power, through to instrumentation, PLC and SCADA. The site is controlled by two Siemens S7-400 PLC's and utilises two separate instances of Siemens WinCC SCADA.

Gordon Brothers Industries is Australia's largest and most experienced industrial refrigeration company. Their customers include many of Australia's largest food and manufacturing businesses.

We provide support to their NSW service team on issues relating to drives and control systems at their customers' plants.

Established in 1962 by Umberto Somma, Paesanella Cheese is a now widely recognised Australian brand that is still owned and run by Umberto's family.

We provide support to their Marrickville plant which utilises a mix of Rockwell and Omron PLC's and HMI's.